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Posted on Wednesday, 12/11/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in You Oughta Know, we are travelling to Argentina to rock out with one of my new favorite finds, a group called LA FRANELA.  A happy accident from YouTube searches, I first stumbled onto this group with the video for the song “Price for Freedom”- a blend of ska, reggae and 90s alt-rock IN SPANISH! I was hooked, so I kept playing tracks and found “Siempre” and “Pasarás”.  With these three tracks I was enamored with their sound and style because each one was a different style but still managed to keep their signature throughout and now I’m happy to share this week’s pick for new music! 

Fusing melodic riffs with horns and sometimes ironic lyrics, La Franela was founded in 2008 after lead singer Daniel “Piti” Fernández parted ways from the group Los Piojos.  (No wonder his voice was so familiar!).  The group has since released three albums, “Después de Ver” (2009) which contains the tracks “Lo Que Me Mata” and “Pasarás”.  In 2011 they released “Hacer un Puente” which contains one of my favorite Franela tracks “Price for Freedom”. 


Now, La Franela is in the midst of promoting their newest studio album “Nada es Tarde” a 12 track album that ranges in styles and collaborations from artists like Emiliano Brancciari (No Te Va Gustar), Diego Rodríguez (Babasónicos), Sebastian Schachtel (Las Pelotas), Daniel Suárez and Carlos Sbarbati (Bersuit Vergabat).  From this album, I implore you to listen to “Siempre” my favorite song from the album.  “Siempre” gets you up, dancing and moving about with attitude and emotion that will leave you wanting more Franela for a long time.



La Franela is formed by Piti Fernandez: voz y guitar, Francisco Aguilar; guitar and chorus, Diego Modica; drums, Lucas Rocca; bass, Joselo de Diego; vocals, Pablo Avila; sax and Martin Tucan Bosa; keyboards and guitar.

Search for them online, follow them on Twitter but most importantly, add them to your playlist NOW! If you want to hear them at loud decibels, come to Marx Café's La Caravana Rockera THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 where yours truly, DJ Orchid, will be playing some La Franela tracks for you to dance and move along with my partner DJ Ultrasonica!  A dance party perfect for your November vibes!  #YouOughtaKnow

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