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Moombahton Massive XXXIX

Moombahton Madness w/LocoMotive

Posted on Sunday, 05/10/2014
By:Juan Leon

It's about time the Kesta blog featured a Moombahton Massive event. The dembow foundation and uniquely DC origins of moombahton make the city's best underground dance party a no brainer for Kesta readers.

Wednesday's show will be the 39th monthly event-- proving the underground dance genre unearthed by DC native Dave Nada is still going strong.

Moombahton Massive XXXIX features long-time residents Nadastrom and DJ Sabo along with first-timers LocoMotive (covered in Kesta's January 2014 issue).

Kesta caught up with LocoMotive to ask them what we can expect at this month's party. The DJ duo only had this to say:

"It's gonna be like being with your first love all over again."

Check out this feature track from LocoMotive's upcoming EP for a taste of what's in store for U St. moombahtonistas on Wednesday. 

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