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Posted on Wednesday, 13/08/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in You Oughta Know we are going to rock out with Consulado Popular. From Bogotá, Colombia, these guys have been making lots of noise in the Latin rock scene this past year.  From playing and touring all over the country to presenting themselves in some of the biggest festivals like Rock al Parque and Vive Latino, these guys have captivated audiences and gained a very strong following with their lyrics, performance and above all, attitude.  True to the punk rock lifestyle, Consulado Popular le vale madre (doesn't care) what people think.  Just listen to this week's pick "Perdedor".

Although Perdedor has been out for a while, it's still a song I really like and you need to know about it.  A unique cover of Beck's classic slacker anthem "Looser", Consulado Popular rearranges the track with their signature sound which they call "guarachacore"; a blend of acordeón, caja, guacharaca, bass guitar, drums and distorted guitars which they interlace with raunchy and hilarious lyrics that spin this classic track in a new light.  

Give it a listen, give it a try and have a laugh while you rock out! 

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