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Leo Dan Brings Night of Nostalgia to The Howard Theater

By: Astrid Salas

Posted on Thursday, 07/03/2019

Leo Dan Brings Night of Nostalgia to The Howard Theater

Within seconds of the first song, Leo Dan takes his multigenerational audience at The Howard Theater back to their childhood. His contemporary fans are reminded of their first loves and the younger fans reminisce on the mornings they would wake up to their parents singing his classic tunes while doing everyday chores. He even quips about his eclectic audience, fully aware of how they are connected through his music. When introducing “Como Te Extraño Mi Amor,” he rhetorically asks who over 40 years old hasn’t fallen in love to this song, and received a loud response. Then he jokes “and those under 40 were born because of this song.”

Accompanied by his band and mariachi, Leo Dan delivers what his fans want—performances of his greatest hits, and they in return sing alongside him, vividly grateful for the opportunity to see the living legend. He is a very charismatic person, cracking jokes the entire evening and bringing three of his lifelong fans to the stage to sing with him. He would also tell anecdotes about experiences that influenced his songs. For example, he revealed he wrote “Te He Prometido,” which has recently been finding more admirers and revived because of Netflix’s Roma, after a girl he thought was his girlfriend turned out to have a boyfriend.

With a career spanning almost 60 years, he admits he still gets a little nervous before performing. It illustrates he sees this as a huge responsibility and fully prepares to take on the next show. It should please him to know that everything paid off. Leo Dan succeeded in taking his fans back in time, fully enjoying and falling in love with his songs all over again. In the end the audience, including those of the newer era, left the theater feeling blessed and full of emotion.

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