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Posted on Tuesday, 30/09/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week You Oughta Know Cultura Profética’s newest single “Saca, Prende y Sorprende” an irie track that will get you in a chill mood, let you vibe out and also a throwback flavor to 80s reggae.  Filmed in their home Puerto Rico, Cultura released the video for this song today on their social media. Directed by Puerto Rican director Israel Lugo (Calle 13, Nelly Furtado, Maná) the video takes you through multiple locations that are truly what a normal day on the island is like.  You see the video, you see the day to day backdrop of a life back home in Puerto Rico, pretty cool of the guys to choose to film in the island!

Not shy to the subject of marijuana legalization, the song calls to reduce the stigma associated with marijuana use and how we should seriously consider legalization.  Regardless if you are pro legalization or not, the song has a musical appeal that can’t be denied.  This summer when the band performed to a sold out crowd at the Howard Theatre, this song was one of the most danced and enjoyed by the crowd which was hearing it for the first time.  The effortless harmony and musicality of Cultura as a unit, paired with Willy’s voice is what makes Cultura Profética shine.  “Saca, Prende y Sorprende” is without a doubt becoming a staple in future Cultura shows.  It has crowd appeal, makes you dance and it’s musical joy.

Check it out for yourself and prepare to get irie!  VIVA LA CULTURA!


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