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Prince Royce at Wolf Trap

Kesta Ke Paso Review of the Prince Royce concert at Wolf Trap

Posted on Monday, 15/09/2014
By:Sarah Barrie

The weather couldn’t have been better for the Prince Royce concert on Friday, August 29th at Wolf Trap. The night started off around 8pm with a DJ playing popular dance hits, hyping up the crowd as they anxiously awaited the arrival of Prince Royce. The Filene Center was packed with fans of all ages, but was primarily dominated by women and couples.

When Royce took stage around 9pm, the crowd went wild. The sound of screaming women and girls, one louder than the next, could be heard for miles. When the girls settled down enough to be able to hear the music, Royce began to serenade the crowd with fan favorites such as “Darte un Beso”, “Te Robaré “Soy el mismo”, and “Incondicional. Everyone was swaying and dancing, ad when Royce performed his famous “Stand by me”, everyone sang along in unison.

On the back lawn, couples everywhere were dancing, there were even a few guys dancing passionately by themselves. Some knew how to dance, and others… well, they had their own style, but they all had one thing in common, they all shared the same excitement and enthusiasm for the music.

When the time came for Prince Royce to select a lucky lady to bring up on stage, the girls once again started screaming and frantically waving their arms. One girl actually crawled up on stage and had to be removed by a security guard. Royce finally selected “the girl with the gray sweater” and the crowd went silent with disappointment.

Fans danced and sang throughout the night, and before we knew it, the concert was over, but many people, including myself still had ganas to keep dancing to Royce.


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