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(me llamo) Sebastian Uncovers "La Fiesta" Raging Inside All of Us in New Dance Video!

In his latest theatrical video, (me llamo) Sebastian urges us to feel the party happening inside of us (while busting some serious moves wearing a onesie leotard).

Posted on Monday, 08/09/2014
By:Rocksario Garcia

"Aunque nadie me saco a bailar, me importa un cuesco" (Eventhough no one asked me out to dance, I could give a damn) sings Chilean singer-songwriter, Sebastian Sotomayor aka "(me llamo) Sebastian" in his latest video release of "La Fiesta" off of his full-length album, "El Hambre". 

If you recall we first fell in love with Sebastian this summer after his appearance at the LAMC after hearing "Niños Rosados", a song about gender identity and acceptance. While "Niños Rosados" is melancholic and yearning, the latest video "La Fiesta" is all about the party.

Our inner party that is. Directed by Jorge Candia and featuring Sebastian himself wearing a onesie leotard along with dancers Francisca Tapia and Diana Carvajal also sporting the onesie look, the trio puts on a supreme "no damn's were given" dance video.  Filmed in Chile in a graffiti decorated alley, the three dancers sing and dance to their heart's desire. They dance like no one is watching and like the entire world is watching at the same time. A random actor walks around the dancers spraying pixie dust and carrying an LGBT flag among other things during the course of the four minute video.

As a 90's kid, this video reminded me of the Blind Melon, "No Rain" video with the nerdy bumblebee girl who tap dances during a school talent show and is laughed at by her peers.  She then runs off stage crying and in the course of her run through the city meets and dances with other bumble-beed characters who join her and they all end up dancing merrily in a field together.  

It's an amazing video, and (me llamo) Sebastian's "La Fiesta" is just as epic. I watched this and instantly felt my troubles fade away, my bills got paid, my body was suddenly perfect, and then the video took me out to dinner and drinks afterward.

Okay maybe it didn't do ALL of that but it definitely filled my day with smiles and the instant need to appreciate the beautiful things in life, including myself.

Remember "La fiesta no esta afuera, esta adentro" (The party isn't outside, its on the inside.)

To find out more about (me llamo) Sebastian check him out here: http://www.mellamosebastian.cl/

Watch the video a second time here or click the picture below!

(me llamo) Sebastian


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