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How Las Cafeteras Bring Soul Straight From The Neighborhood

"La Bamba Rebelde"

Posted on Tuesday, 07/10/2014
By:Juan Leon

Named in honor of the neighborhood space that served as the site of the band's creative incubation, Las Cafeteras barrio-centric music is a mash of styles -- traditional and modern -- that says more about Latino people and Americans than the sloganeering used to pit us against each other.

Hailed as political wave makers for their support of hot topic "issues", the band transcends rote ideological orientation. They're political in a way that's bigger than the stances and buzzwords -- "immigration, Dreamers, undocumented" -- that dubious elites insist define a people. Case in point: Las Cafeteras' update the Veracruz folk classic "La Bamba" with their own blend of Son Jarocho, marimbol, cajón, and blunt but compassionate political dissent.

Aesthetically unadorned in its student film style, the video for "La Bamba Rebelde" is refreshingly focused on people and not slogans. As the camera follows band members, barrio residents, and family, the humble aesthetics just confirm Las Cafeteras vibrantly authentic identification with and love for their people. 

In contrast to the slew of musicians who insincerely clam onto the latest political fad/cause to make music that "matters", Las Cafeteras realize that what really matters isn't how much political cache you have, or how much love you're getting from NPR this week. And they know that the soul of rebel music doesn't come from the White House. It comes from the neighborhood.

Las Cafeteras will be performing live this Friday, October 10th at Artisphere in Arlington, VA along with special guests Elastic Bond and Maracuyeah Collective.

About Elastic Bond
Elastic Bond is part of new generation of multicultural Latinos who incorporate music from the past in order to make music for the future. With sultry female vocals, Elastic Bond brings together a retro-futuristic combination of folkloric rhythms and electronic beats.

With influences from all across the musical map, some classic and some contemporary, Miami based group Elastic Bond brings urban edge with a tropical twist to the alternative music scene. With a name that gives reference to an atomic physics concept, Elastic Bond’s groove includes diverse elements, Imagine a colourful, funky and tropical vibe reminiscent of Los Amigos Invisibles, A Tribe Called Quest, Julieta Venegas, Little Dragon, Amy Winehouse and The Black Keys.

About Maracuyeah DC
Washington DC's Maracuyeah collective is internationally known for rockin mixtape-style Pan-Latin-to-the-Future sounds that shake crowds, and mix in traditional & popular tropical rhythms which founders Djs Mafe & rAt grew up with. Their dj sets feature everything from vintage chicha recordings, cumbias rebajadas, 3ball gems from 2019, dancehall, rock en español, electro-cumbia sensations, tropical booty bangers and their very own flavor- quinceañera bass. 

Maracuyeah is also a collective of amigas who organize quarterly tropical underground events in DC- usually concerts featuring new new independent Latin artists, and high-energy fiestas focused on inclusion, dancing, and creative community power.

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