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Posted on Monday, 26/05/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in YOU OUGHTA KNOW meet Wonderfox, the confident and rockin' band that is making noise in the Latin Rock scene; and also my pick this week for music You Oughta Know.

Wonderfox is an L.A. based group with Colombian roots.  It's always empowering and inspiring to see women take rock and roll by the balls and rock out even harder than the boys.  Wonderfox, has Isabel Valencia on the voice and guitar taking the audience over and commanding the stage with her fierce voice and attitude that makes you pay attention to what this woman is saying.  

To quote the band's website, "Wonderfox's sound is characterized by her catchy melodies and lyrics, the strong and confident voice of Isabel, who reminiscent of Pat Benattar and Joan Jett, and the electric guitars that are a mix of progressive rock and pop." The group has been the opening act for Elefante, La Santa Cecilia, Los Amigos Invisibles and Julieta Venegas during the recent Jack Daniel's tour.

This week, You Oughta Know encourages you to add to your playlist the track "Tiempo", the most recent release from the band and featured here above.  Turn it up, rock out and get to know Wonderfox.  Hopefully we can expect to see them soon in the DMV!

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