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DC showcases Latino pride through free, fun, family-friendly events

Cultural events in DC catering to all your needs

Posted on Thursday, 06/03/2014
By:Eric Cortes

As Latinos, we love festivals, parties, community forumns and other events that bring not only cultural pride...but also civic pride. It also gives us a sense of excitement when we see Latinos in mainstream festivals and on television. When we hear our music, smell and taste our foods, move to the sounds of Latino beats, we can't help but be happy at least that much has transfered from our perspective countries.

Growing up, mi madre absolutely loved free Latino events. I used to call them the "random Latino event" around town. After seeing both sides, consumer and organizer, I realized these are essential to our growth as a people. One event specifically catering to women was Telemundo Washington's Fiesta de las Madres. The annual event celebrated the woman of today offering services, information, prizes, entertainment and even Telemundo celebrities. Local businesses like haircutteries and salons jump to this opportunity to showcase their services.

All events also don't necessarily have to showcase cultural pride but they can also offer goods and services. DC's Office on Latino Affairs constantly updates and posts events on their website as well as their Facebook page. The office most recently presented two public programs during Black History Month focused on Afro-Latinos. The event titled "Afro-Latinos in the Diaspora: History, Culture, and Challenges in Asserting Their Rightful African Identity" was designed to make the larger DC community aware of the myriad challenging issues confronting the Afro-Latino community not only in the United States, but also throughout the Americas.  The National Council of La Raza also hosts a variety of events including their annual conference, the National Latino Family Expo, the Alma Awards and more! 

So whether you want free food, dancing lessons or just a little bit of Latino cultlure in your life, the DC Metro area hosts a variety of events that will cater to your every need.

Upcoming cultural events include:

Sound off in the comments section on what events are you looking forward to attending this year.

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