Celebrities from Gael Garcia Bernal to Julieta Venegas to Kobe Bryant professed their love for Mexican GK Guillermo Ochoa | Kesta Happening DC

Celebrities from Gael Garcia Bernal to Julieta Venegas to Kobe Bryant professed their love for Mexican GK Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo "Memo" (Meme) Ochoa became an internet sensation thanks to save after incredible save in Mexico Vs. Brazil World Cup game.

Posted on Wednesday, 18/06/2014
By:Rocksario Garcia

Mexican National Team Goal Keeper, Guillermo Ochoa, known lovingly as "Memo", was baptized by the world as the "The Fortress of Fortaleza", the "Mexican Superman", "The Wall", "La Muralla Verde" and my personal favorite, "The Mexican Jesus" (this last one according to his official Wikipedia page immediately after the game against Brazil).

Guillermo Ochoa
Boo Wikipedia for taking this down so quickly... jaja

The powers that be soon removed the mention of Mexican Jesus for a slightly less (but still) amazing update to Ochoa's Wiki page.

The overnight fame is not undeserved as anyone who watched the Mexico vs. Brazil match yesterday can attest. Despite being the second score-less game of this 2014 World Cup, this was no doozey.  From kick-off to final whistle, this game turned was a nail-biter not apt for those with any sort of heart condition.  The intensity was prevalent as Brazil (playing to a packed stadium full of supporters) was on the attack, and Mexico (at an all-time high after reedeming their spot in the World Cup by beating Cameroon in their first game) was relentless in both their attack and their defense.

But despite how well both teams played, the Man of the Match was undoubtedly Guillermo Ochoa who stopped anything and everything that came his way.

Man of the Match - Ochoa

The Guardian recounted, "These were not run-of-the-mill, straight-down-the-middle daisycutters; Brazil pummelled Ochoa's goal, making him stretch one way and then the other to repel headers, volleys and a general bombardment of traffic towards his net."

For those of us who remember the Allstate commercial featuring Ochoa a while back, this match cemented this image of Ochoa in everyone's mind.

CNN joined in to share some stats...

Among those nearly 2 MILLION tweets were some of our favorite celebrities who weren't shy about professing their love for the darling of the match Memo Ochoa.

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal, an adamant soccer fan, was succinct in his message.

Mexican rockeros Molotov just wanted to ensure that Mr. Ochoa was going to get lucky later on that night...

His own teammates including Mexican team captain, Rafa Marquez shared the love.

World Cup 2014

Even Kobe Bryant who was seen at the match was in awe.

Kobe Bryant World Cup 2014

My idola Julieta Venegas took to twitter throughout the match and tweeted some great "Memo Memes" (now say that 10 times as fast as you can! jaja)

Julieta Venegas World Cup 2014

Memo Memes

The internet really came through with some awesome Guillermo Ochoa Memes and we're sure this will continue throughout the World Cup.

Not 20 minutes after the final game whistle rumors were already at play suggesting that Liverpool and Arsenal were itching to sign Guillermo Ochoa to their roster.

For a full blog of Kesta World Cup 2014 predictions go here!

Meanwhile let us know which is your favorite Memo Ochoa Meme in the comments!



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