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Gogol Bordello Delivers Gypsy Punk Party @ 9:30 Club

Two nights were barely enough to get our gypsy fix from Gogol Bordello

Posted on Friday, 03/01/2014
By:Kala Fryman

Gogol Bordello's gypsy punk caravan rolled into town on December 27th and 28th for back to back sold-out shows at the 9:30 Club.

The party got started with Philadelphia’s Man Man, an experimental band.  Presenting an artful mishmash of musical styles, genres and instruments, Man Man got the crowd dancing and energized with a fun and eclectic set.

Gogol Bordello @9:30 Club
Photo courtesy of: Rosario Garcia

Soon after, Gogol Bordello took the stage for what became a nonstop, chaotic, sweaty two hour dance/mosh party.  The band’s signature blend of punk, folkloric gypsy and world music combined with each member’s unique stage presence made for an unforgettable show.

Gogol Bordello band
Photo courtesy of: Rosario Garcia

Along with frontman Eugene Hütz, it was amazing to watch violinist Sergey Ryabtsev shred with accordionist Pasha Newmar; while percussionist Elizabeth Sun danced on stage and backed vocals, alongside percussionist/MC Pedro Erazo keeping the crowd going and even leading the band in a cumbia. 

Gogol Bordello’s lineup is and always has been an international mix; a testament to the band’s vision for cultural revolution and global citizenship.  The band rocked classic fan favorites like “Sally” “Not a Crime” “Start Wearing Purple” and “Ultimate”, as well as new anthems “Immigraniada” and “My Companjera.” 

During the encore Hütz took a moment to remember Josh Burdette, the legendary head of security at the 9:30 Club who died in September.  Before dedicating the appropriate song “Mishto” (meaning ‘awesome’ in Romani language) to Josh, Hütz paused for a moment and said, “In gypsy culture, a funeral is not a time for mourning; it is a celebration for the life a person lived.” 

Whether it was someone's first or fifth time seeing the band, there was not a single person left standing still until the show ended.  And then.... we kept partying some more in pure gypsy style at the Gogol Bordello after-party at Tropicalia, a basement bar tucked away on the corner of 14th and U street.  The 1am party-til-you-drop sounds were courtesy of Congo Sanchez + DJ Castro and members of Gogol Bordello themselves including Lutz. The party was self described as ELEVATED.

Gogol Bordello Afterparty
Photo courtesy of: Nash Muñoz

The high energy performance and afterparty were the perfect way to end 2013, leaving us all anxiously waiting for the next gypsy punk party!

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