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Flashback Friday: Café Tacuba

"Eo (El Sonidero)" A Frenetic Explosion of Life.

Posted on Friday, 21/02/2014
By:Juan Leon

Cafe Tacuba's best music video for my money.  "Eo (El Sonidero)" sees the band frantically gesticulating over the chaos of life, colors, and street life depicted in stop-motion photography behind them.

A man carrying a cross on the street, fireworks, ripe fruit, a girl's vivid green eyes, birds, families at the beach, a kiss-- The band is electrified and overwhelmed by it all, expressing through movement the energy of the city's life.

With "Eo", Cafe Tacuba's brand of punk identification authentically channels punk attitude to express frustration at the stifling confines of hegemony.  Punk was about more than posturing: With so many colors in life, it made people want to scream.

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