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Don't get bored during a snow day!

Posted on Thursday, 13/02/2014

These are 10 things you could do to keep yourself entertained:

1- Go outside. Build a snowman. Clean your driveway, better yet, help your neighbors clean their driveway.

2- Valentine's day is tomorrow! Write a love letter to the one you love. This is your chance to get out of that "Friend Zone" once it for all! Take it!

3-Got kids? Keep them entertained: Play "Simon Says", bake cookies and/or cake, play a board game, play cards, play videogames, etc.

4-Got roomates? Share a beer or a glass of wine with them!  You are not driving anywhere today. Catch up, get to know each other, watch a movie of just get day-drunk. Who knows, maybe you can become best pals.

5-Curl up in bed and browse around your Netflix account. You got all day to catch up on that favorite TV show or discover new ones.

6-Do some online shopping.

7-Browse around the YouTube universe.  Some channels we recommend: Buzzfeed, WeTalkSports, ESPN,  and last but not least, check out our channel @KestaHappening.

8-Learn a language, you can at least try!  DC stands out as one the most diverse cities in the East Coast (After New York City that is). Do you like Pho, Korean BBQ, Indian or Ethiopian food? Learn how to small-talk next time you visit your favorite eating spot.

9-Call your mother. She's worried about you!

10- Shovel. Shovel. Shovel. Try to shovel every few hours. 

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