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Caifanes Break Up Again.. Sort Of. Not Really.

Caifanes announced via Facebook page that they are parting ways with Alejandro Marcovich, again. For reals this time.

Posted on Tuesday, 15/04/2014
By:Rocksario Garcia

Legendary Mexican rock band Caifanes, announced via it's website in late March that it was once again parting ways with lead guitarist Alejandro Marcovich. Yes, again. In case you were under a rock the past few years, Caifanes reunited with Marcovich in 2010 after a nearly 15 year break-up.  Talk about holding a grudge for a while.

The band originally parted ways with Marcovich in 1995, at what some would say was the peak of their career.  

Caifanes in the 80s (and you wonder why they were known as the Mexican, "Cure")

Many nasty (soap opera-esque) legal battles later, Saul Hernandez, Caifanes' frontman decided to cut his losses and together with Alfonso Andre started Jaguares (which would also become incredibly popular).  In 2010 however, after years of not speaking to one another, Hernandez and Marcovich saw each other again after Marcovich underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor.  The two decided that life was too short and forgave each other then and there.  

This is Alejandro Marcovich with Caifanes when the reunion took place at Vive Latino 2011

Caifanes eunited for two big shows Vive Latino and Coachella in 2011, however the two dates proved too be too little for hungry fans. I was at the completely sold-out Vive Latino 2011 and remember nearly getting mobbed when trying to sell one single ticket as thousands of fans waited outside for a chance to see Caifanes live again.

The band embarked on a much larger tour of the US and Mexico and promised to start working on some recordings including finishing some unfinished tracks.  

And now, this.

Signed termination letter for Alejandro Marcovich?

In case you missed some Spanish classes here is the complete English translation:

"Since 1987 Caifanes has lived intensely and passionately. 

We wish to reiterate our deep appreciation for life and all of you for all that we have lived, this endearing magic that we share is tattooed in our heart. 
We have always maintained our private internal history, we believe that music is important and internal processes must be that, internal, private. 
Starting today, Caifanes returns to its original formation. 

Life comes in cycles, some close, others open. All are valid, all are important. Today opens another cycle for us, we will continue to give you our heart."

Signed Diego (Keyboards, Saxophone), Alfonso (drums), Sabo (Bass, Guitar), and Saul (Vocals, guitar).

As you can imagine the rumors have spread as to why they are parting ways again.  So far all in the know have been silent and or diverting to say it's not a big deal, bands change members all the time.  My only question is, will Caifanes continue? Will they go back to their Jaguares name?

El Universal in Mexico reported on March 23rd that, Rodrigo Baills, frontman and guitarist for The Melovskys, had to stand in for Alejandro Marcovich during a recent Caifanes show. So the plot thickens.  

Alfonso Andre (a.k.a my baby daddy) took to his Facebook page to try and nip the gossip with this statement:

"It's unbelievable, but it seems that many still are not aware that unfortunately, due to irreconcilable differences, Alejandro Marcovich is no longer with Caifanes. That's it. No dramas or lawsuits. The reasons why we have parted ways will not be disclosed. We do not like gossip. Dirty laundry should be washed at home. We (the band) have decided to go on, you are within your rights to be angry, to curse, and even stop following us. Those who stay with us, thank you and we promise to continue to deliver our heart in every note as we have been doing so far. Love and Peace. - Alfonso Andre"

Okay Alfonso... we will try not to gossip.  I do wish I was a fly on the wall when it happened though!  From both messages it appears that Caifanes plans to continue making music and touring.  I'm sure they will have no shortage of guitarists wanting to fill Marcovich's shoes.  We shall see!

For now... Marcovich queda Afueraaaaaa.....seems fitting to play this song now.


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