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The New Kesta Happening DC website

Welcome to our new website

Posted on Tuesday, 24/12/2013

Kesta Happening DC is proud to bring you its new beta site! 
All good things don’t necessarily have to come to an end, they evolve!  We have been working arduously for months to bring you a clean, easy-to-navigate, informative and modern website where you can easily peruse our popular photo Gallery, new video Gallery, our Kesta DC online Magazine, find out about events, join our giveaways on our Kesta Te Regala page, join our email newsletter, and read our brand new blog to find out what is happening in the music, art, food, bar, and local club scene!

We have gathered all of our talented bloggers, photographers, videographers, and interviewers to collaborate 24/7 on this site to bring you the most up-to-date exclusive content about all of the events happening in our area.  You’ll want to bookmark this new site and come here daily so you don’t miss out on “Kesta Happening” in the DMV area!

Tell us what you think! This site is in its beta version which means we want to hear from you! Send us your feedback, what do you want to know more about? What would you like Kesta DC to cover?  By letting us know we will be closer to making this site about you! 

Thanks as always for your support, we are looking good for 2014!  Best Holiday wishes from the Kesta DC team!

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